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Should we unify the CI of the entire group companies to strengthen corporate branding?

Branding | Concept Acceptance Test

  • In-Depth Interview

We conducted depth interviews with 30 experts in the targeted industry, which is highly difficult to recruit for. We delivered insights about the current CI to purpose for future CI rebranding.


What is an essential requirement in executing several hundred billion yen investment?

Intelligence | Benchmarking

  • CATI & Expert Interview

We conducted 30 expert interviews in trading companies, wholesaler and retailer. The expert recruits made cold calls and obtained appointments by calling the representative numbers of the target companies.


What should we do to change the brand perception of the luxury brand?

Brand Communication | Exploring Behavior

  • In-Depth Interview

We recruited 10 high-net-worth-individuals from our snowball sampling network to explore the brand perceptions of several luxury brands.


What will Post-GenZ be like in the future?

Forecasting | Exploring Values

  • In-depth Interview

We listened to GenZ innovators and early adopters about their values and their backgrounds to explore a glimpse of the future. We recruited via an email to targeted youth active on Instagram.


Are luxury car owners attracted to the latest mobility technologies?

New Product Development | Technology Acceptance Test

  • Quant

We mobilized 200 owners of high-end luxury cars in Japan, from Lamborghini to Tesla, throughout our snowball sampling network. We conducted a long-term quant study over several years.


Do Japanese people link fashion and sustainability in their purchasing behavior?

Global Marketing | Survey on Awareness

  • Focus Group Interview

We recruited people with high fashion sensitivity and conducted focus group interviews. We explored a unique Japanese fashion style and their customer journey.

Home Appliances

How does household wife utilize IoT products or give up?

Go-to-Market Strategy | Technology Acceptance Test

  • MROC & HUT

We conducted Home Use Test(HUT) with rich housewives. We listened to their challenges of the prototype and the way how it should be improved.


Does denim appeal to Japanese youth today?

Go-to-Market Strategy | Exploring Behavior

  • Focus Group Interview

We conducted study with young people-including current users of brands that do not have flagship stores in Japan-we explored the essential value of denim among 20s Japanese.


What do current EV owners feel about the issues of EV itself?

Go-to-Market Strategy | Product Acceptance Test

  • Gang Survey

We conducted a large-scale on-site survey with EV owners. We recruited Tesla owners as many as possible in Japan.